The earring "The Fire" was born to represent the fire of passion and human sensuality, expressing all the power of the person who uses it.


19.2K Gold earring.


Dimensions (mm): 45,5 X 15

Weight: 21 grams


Relating the fire to the jewel, it is emphasized that some professionals like the blacksmith and the goldsmith, by dominating the fire, are considered with the capacity of approaching God, since they imitate the Divine power of the fire. This is responsible for generating the alloy that, when melted, becomes more resistant or more malleable. He is responsible for the heating of the metal that will help in the production of jewelry, gold, which has long been worshiped by man. The yellow of the flame compares to the yellow of the sun or gold, all man-worshiped and source of energy.

The Fire Earring in Gold

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